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What was your biggest culture shock after moving B)Your own answer to the question should go in the comments as a reply to your own post. 2)Any post asking for advice should be generic and not specific to your situation alone.You may include context about why you are asking the question in the text box but the question shouldn be primarily about you. 3)Askreddit is for open ended discussion questions.Questions with a single correct answer, that can be researched elsewhere or provide a limited scope for discussion(Yes/no, dae, polls etc. )Are not appropriate. 4)Posting, or seeking, any identifying personal information will result in a ban without a prior warning.This includes for louis vuitton sale yourself or other people, and refers to, but is not limited to, names, phone numbers, email addresses and social media accounts. 5)Askreddit is not your soapbox, personal army, or advertising platform.Posts attempting to promote a specific agenda of yours or anyone else, to gain publicity, promote a cause or charity, or to publicly shame a person or entity will be removed.Rhetorical and loaded questions will also be removed. 6)Questions seeking professional advice are inappropriate for this subreddit and will be removed.This includes but is not limited to medical, legal, mental health and financial advice.If you think that you need professional support, please contact a professional in your area. 7)Soliciting money, goods, services, or favors is not allowed.They will be removed. 8)Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others.All users are expected to be respectful to other users at all times.Personal attacks or comments that insult or demean a specific user or group of users will be removed and regular or egregious violations will result in bans.9)Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. 10)If you think your post has disappeared, see spam or an inappropriate post, please do not hesitate to contact the mods, we happy to help. Chinese squatters.When i was little, i always visited china, and needless to say, the squatters were my least favorite part of china.You literally just squat and take a dump and hope it lands somewhere close.I asked my uncle why they didn have regular"Toilets"In public and he said that people in china couldn afford to put them publicly. I had so many terrible experiences with them.For example, one time when i was eating at a local restaurant, i went to the restroom.Of course the floor was covered with a mixture of urine and mop water, so it was very slippery.Lets just say when i tried to do my business, and i fell into the squatter. Another time i wasn paying attention while using them and because my shorts were around my ankles and i started squatting, the projection of my urine was straight at the back of my pants.It looked like i pissed my self from my ass. (Not necessarily a squatter story, cheap louis vuitton bags for sale but a chinese restroom story. )When i went white water rafting, we all had to take a shower to avoid sickness.Afterwards, we would pass by the bathroom.It was literally just a wood cabin with a set of 3 stairs.Piss was coming down the stairs and shit was piled up at least 10 feet tall in the back of the cabin.Mountains and mountains of shit.Needless to say, i didn use the restroom for the day. They put sugar on everything.We gave the driller helpers some peanut butter because they never tried it before.One of them spread a bunch on a piece of bread, and then covered it with sugar. Everything has mayonnaise in it.I heard that"Pizza sauce"Here is just mayonnaise louis vuitton mens combined with ketchup. Everyone smokes.Men, women, children, they smoke like chimneys.Of course a pack of"American style"Winston blues is 30 rubles here, which is roughly 1 american dollar.If you had a two pack a day habit, you spend less on cigarettes than someone who goes to the coffee shop every morning. In red square, 5 minutes from where the soviet union held their infamous may day military parades, there is a louis vuitton, a mcdonald a starbucks, and a kfc.Nothing drives home the point that capitalism won quite like this. My wife is bulgarian and moved to the uk when she was 16.We visit every year or two. The clash of culture between our two families is ridiculous.Not in an agressive way but if you talk to them after a family event it like they went to different places.They see things completely differently.It wierd. The priorities are different as well.For her family it important everyone stays close to each other(Physically not emotionally).That way we can look after each other.Problem is the society sees the elderly as the pinnacle of wisdom and age is more important than anything else(Example, i heading towards a phd in neuroscience and my wife is just finishing her studies to become a doctor.But we, according to a lot of the older generation, still have no idea about anything when it comes to our child health or psychology).As a result the elders are always trying to help when they aren wanted and the youngsters aren allowed to help no matter what(Even in cases with diseases such as parkinsons).So the family is close but always fighting in a ridiculously stubborn way.Oh and we given so much food.I pretty sure they think we can cook(And they refuse to teach children how to as it could be dangerous). Going to bulgaria is kind of depressing as well.It like walking into a country where you aren allowed to smile.Everyone is dressed up and sombre.There are supermarkets everywhere but there will only be a few customers because they can afford to buy much.I should probably mention that she comes from a relatively poor northern town and her family was not a rich one.A taxi driver trying to get us to pay for a 300 cross country trip as opposed to a 10 bus journey because"You from england". ). It really different and has caused my handbags outlet online uk wife a few difficulties but we both managed to adopt a middle ground where we think family is really important and should stay close but that young ones can have their say and should be allowed to develop themselves.The only issue is money where i find it as something that is required but should not be revered and don worry about every penny we spend.She much more hesitant to make certain purchases and often feels guilty for certain luxuries.Especially as her mother refuses to buy anything that at all luxurious or has a cheaper counterpart.

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